Agronomically, gypsum (calcium sulfate) is an excellent source of both calcium and sulfur which is essential to the production of healthy plants and the efficient production of plant protein. It is also an effective way to treat soils that are suffering the effects of excess magnesium or sodium. Both magnesium and sodium can have detrimental effects on internal drainage and proper soil tilth. Adding gypsum under these conditions can have extremely positive effects on the soil in general and will greatly improve the productivity and general plant health in the field. Agronomists routinely make use of soil tests to determine proper rates and apply the gypsum using variable rate technology only to the areas of the field that can expect the most positive effects. 

Proof it Works

The two pictures below were taken on the same day and the two fields are right across the street from each other. The field in the picture on the left was treated with gypsum the previous fall, while the field in the picture on the right was not treated. 
In the panoramic picture below, the field to the right was treated with both lime and gypsum, while the field to the left was untreated. 


  • The gypsum that Valley Ag Supply uses is a fine, powdered product, making it a very effective in treating your soil. 
  • Helps remove unwanted magnesium, aluminum, and sodium. 
  • Improves soil structure and balances the nutrients uptake in the soil. 
  • Enhances the soil's water infiltration and water-holding capacity. 
  • Allows for faster drainage.