'Making farming fun again even when prices aren’t the best' was part of the inspiration to start an in-house yield contest. The rest of the contest was to find out what products and practices give us the best return on investment so we can continue to be innovative and good agricultural leaders.

About our Yield Contest

While the ultimate goal for our contest is to have the highest yield, we also want to understand how and why we got that yield. We want to encourage our growers to obtain and push beyond 300 bu/ac corn and 100 bu/ac beans. This fun and friendly competition will allow us to learn what it is going to take to reach these goals and what methods and practices are most economical. Over time we will look at trends to see what the winning yields have in common and share that information with you. 
Valley Ag Supply's Yield Contest will follow the guidlines set forth in the  National Corn Yield Contest and the South Dakota Soybean Association yield contest so that our customers can easily enter into those contests as well if they choose to do so. 

The added or amended rules to Valley Ag Supply's Yield Contest are:
  • Applicants must be a Valley Ag Supply customer
  • At least a 20 acre field or portion of a field must be designated prior to or at planting and marked with flags and GPS coordinates
  • There will be no entry fees for Valley Ag Supply's yield contest
  • The only entry classes or categories will be:
    • Irrigated Corn
    • Non Irrigated Corn
    • Irrigated Soybeans
    • Non Irrigated Soybeans
  • A Valley Ag Supply employee must be present at harvest to measure the field and collect the harvest data. A third party supervisor or witness is not necessary unless  you are also entering into the NCYC or SDSA yield contest. 
Entry Form
Customers can sign up by printing off and filling out this entry form. 

Entry forms must be completed and turned into their agronomist before planting. 
All applicants will be invited to a supper where we will go over the results and announce the winners. 

Winners will have bragging rights and be able to take home the traveling trophy for the year. 

2019 Yield Contest

Thank you to all of our customers who participated in Valley Ag Supply's second annual yield contest. It was a tough year but we still saw some very respectable yields. The weather prevented some customers from participating and we had one catagory that had no participants. We hope to see more participants in the years to come. 

2019 Winners

Category                                     Winner                       
Irrigated Corn                            Erickson-Bye Farms
Non Irrigated Corn                   Erickson-Bye Farms
Irrigated Soybeans                   No Participants
Non Irrigated Soybeans          Erickson-Bye Farms
2019 Results
In the years to come we will look at trends to see what methods consistantly provide results and share that information with you. 

Thank you again to all who participated! 

2018 Yield Contest

The 2018 Yield Contest was Valley Ag Supply's first annual yield contest and we would like to thank all of our customers that participated. We know that the weather did not cooperate the best during the season, which unfortunately caused some customers to not be able to participate due to flooded fields. We hope to see more participants compete in the years to come. Even with the weather issues, we were still able to see some very respectable yields! 

2018 Winners

Category                                     Winner                       
Irrigated Corn                            Todd Bye
Non Irrigated Corn                   Ron Huot  
Irrigated Soybeans                   No Participants
Non Irrigated Soybeans          Randy Huot
2018 Results